July 20, 2008

Why do they tempt me?

I'm an avid Food Network junkie and was watching the show, Road Tasted. Psst, it's got Paula Deen's two grown sons as hosts (cuties!). In any case, they were visiting Atlanta, GA for this episode. One of the shops they stopped by grabbed my eye - Via Elisa. They make authentic and fresh pasta daily. SCORE!

The owner showed the boys (and viewers) how they make their spinach-filled ravioli.*sidenote?* She learned how to make authentic pasta from a chef that cooks for the king. It's gotta be delicious right? :) They import cheeses from Italy on a regular basis. They used ricotta for this recipe and my goodness did it look divine!

After they made the filling, she proceeded to tell them that she only uses organic flour and fresh free-range hen eggs from a local farmer for her dough. I didn't realize this was all it took to make pasta dough, but I'm intrigued!

She then went to a machine that pressed the dough out into two thin sheets which were then wrapped around dowels to be trasported to the ravioli maker. It was an interesting process that gave me a look into the business as well as a feel for the simplicity and ingredient care that goes into the food. And you don't have to be a monarch to appreciate it!

If you've seen Road Tasted, you know that the businesses they spotlight have capabilities of sending their food to wherever you may live. I immediately went to foodnetwork.com and searched for this new (to me) pasta maker. I'm gonna have to grunt a bit as I was expecting to be shown this information on the front page, but I had to do some digging to find some info on it. Not very user-friendly foodnetwork!

In any case, I did find her website and am willing to share my food find with you. I'm a bit depressed because I was teased with this pasta on tv and told I'd be able to order it online. Well, the website has a link to order it, but it gives you an error.

I guess my only recourse is to blog about it and hope that they fix it soon. I've already messaged the web developer regarding the issue, so I hope that it is fixed soon! In any case, happy eats! ...eventually.

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La Alicia said...

aww, nothing worse than a food tease! Well almost nothing worse! :) I hope they get that link fixed it sounds YUMMY!