June 27, 2009

Beyond the Rockz - Jewelry Giveaway

Beyond the Rockz is having a giveaway on their fanpage of facebook.

Lots of very simple yet stunning jewelry pieces that call to you (or at least they do me)! My favorite is their pink scarab earrings.

EGCG - Team Treasure Hunt

Ahoy there mateys!

Alright, all corny pirate talk aside, there's a treasure hunt going on right now with a few of the EGCG (Etsy Green & Clean Guild) team members. Jadewicks has taken part in this hunt.

Here's how to participate:

Browse through the list of EGCG shops below and search their listings for the hidden treasure chest graphic. When you find it, you may take advantage of that seller's special offer listed in their shop announcement and/or the product listing where the graphic was hidden. The promotion runs from Friday, June 26 at 12:00 pm EST to Sunday, June 28 at 11:59pm midnight EST.

And don't forget about the extra bonus! For each purchase you make from one of the participating EGCG shops shown below, you will be given one entry into a drawing to win a $15 gift certificate to the participating shop of your choice. Winner will be drawn and announced on Monday June 29th. **Please include the code word “treasure” in the Notes to Seller at checkout so we can count your purchase as an entry**

Arrrrr, Cap'n Clean commands you to "stay clean and be moisturized!"

Participating EGCG Shops
1. http://jadewicks.etsy.com
2. http://RightAsRainCreations.etsy.com
3. http://urbbody.etsy.com
4. http://InseineCreations.etsy.com
5. http://sweetcreekherbs.etsy.com
6. http://IluminatedPerfume.etsy.com
7. http://showertreatsoap.etsy.com
8. http://Joviasoap.etsy.com
9. http://SpaTherapy.etsy.com
10. http://SkinJourney.etsy.com
11. http://DressGreen.etsy.com
12. http://AlchemicMuse.etsy.com
13. http://dirtygirlsoaps.etsy.com
14. http://stephaniek.etsy.com

April 16, 2009

EGCG Swag Bags - Sampling Great Bath & Beauty

You've been waiting for them and they're here! Only a few bags will be available, so make sure to grab yours before they sell out. Last I looked there were only 10 bags left!!

What IS EGCG Swag Bags?
The Swag bags are a collection of 18 generous sample-sized products from different Bath & Body shops - all members of EGCG ( Etsy Green & Clean Guild!) It's a great way to try different products from different shops at the same time. It's also a great Mother's Day gift idea!
Another awesome feature is that your EGCG Swag Bag is a special reusable, eco-friendly shopping bag! So make sure you put it to good use long after you use the products.

What's IN it?
This round, we have a variarity of handmade bath soaps, lip balms, lotions, facial soaps, laundry soap, candles, bath fizzy, body mist, sugar cube scrub....wonderful goodies!

Where to GET them?
Swag Bags are available now! Get them in EGCG Etsy's shop.

Participating shops:
Morgan StreetBunny Butt Apothecary
Spa Therapy Works
Right As Rain Creations
The Bath Project
You Stink Soap
Shower Treat Soap
Sweet Creek Herbs
Farnham Soaps
Kelle's Kitchen
Mea Culpa Body and Bath
Inseine Creations
Rachel Rene
Grumpy Girl

March 21, 2009

Spring Cleaning - $5 or less!

It's the start of spring and what better way to celebrate than with a little spring cleaning - erhm, sale! We have about 23 items that are in our sale section on our Etsy site. It's priced to sell!

You'll find:
$5.00 glass container candles (100% palm wax)
$4.00 palm wax melts
$2.50 soaps
$1.00 sample size soaps

Is there anything wrong with these items you ask? NOPE! Just clearing out to make room for our new line(s). You'll hear from us when that is going to take place, but if you want a hint - it's coming within the next month! :) As always, thank you for supporting Jadewicks and we're here if you have any questions or just want to chat. Have a fabulous start to your Spring season!

January 26, 2009

Love Stack soaps and continuing sale

Hello hello!

We've recently updated our Etsy site with some new heart shaped soaps. These things are so cute! There are three to one package and they're all a different size. What a great way to try 3 scents at a time as well! Hop on over to our store to see those as well as take a peek at what we've got left of our clearing out sale. Once those are gone - they're gone. We may bring back some of the fragrances, but they'll be reinvented. Stay tuned. ;)

January 16, 2009

CPSIA - who does it affect?

While Jadewicks does not focus on children's items, we've been carefully watching what has been going on with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). What started as a means to make sure our children are safe from harmful products and toys is venturing into a complete obliteration of the small business and their owners. Not only will this affect smaller businesses, but larger businesses that focus on used goods (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc).

There are many companies that are not exempt from the new law. What will happen to these stores that cannot afford the testing? What will happen to the items?

Mr. Walter Olson of Forbes.com has a really well written blurb on this issue. Take a read HERE.

January 7, 2009

Clearing out sale in our Etsy Shop


We're looking to clear out some of our older (but still awesome) products to make room for new. Enjoy the savings off the following items:

$2 off per container candle
$1 off per handmade bar soap (4-6 oz size)

15% off wax melts (9 count)
Try our sample size soaps (1.5oz size) - pick 5 for $5!

Please purchase your order and we will refund your savings. No need to type in any codes. Don't forget to let us know what fragrances you'd like where necessary. Thank you for shopping with us!

Visit our Etsy shop for more info...