August 24, 2008

American Steel - Timothy Adam Designs

Normal day browsing Etsy forums and I run into some helpful tips to make the most of a shop's viewing potential. Smart, this guy. He got me to check out his blog. He also got me to be added to his monthly drawing for his steel necklaces and even got me to make a comment for an added chance to do so. All with one post. Pretty successful if you ask me. Might I add that his stuff is actually really cool to boot?

He uses steel in all of his pieces and I really love the cherry blossom tree earring holder. Unfinished looking, yet interesting and functional, I can see it carefully holding my growing collection.
As a previous interior design major, I couldn't help but browse his collection of furniture. With the popularity of wood and acrylic today, it was nice to see metal take its place again. I really enjoy the look of this steel pipe bench/table. Again, I love its unfinished look.

There is a large range of items you can find in his etsy shop. Nice range in price too. Take a moment to check him out. Who knows, he may suck you in too.

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